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Macro Offshore strives to achieve transparency and a high level of business ethics.

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The purpose of the whistleblowing channel is to ensure that any improper conduct in the company comes to light so that measures can be implemented to stop it. In order to achieve this, Macro Offshore wishes to make conditions suitable so that employees, sub-contractors, clients and other stakeholders at all levels can give notification of such conduct without this having any negative consequences for them.

All reports made to the whistleblowing channel in accordance with these guidelines will be received, recorded (if orally reported) and processed by a dedicated whistleblowing group.

What can be notified?

All types of improper conduct, such as:

  • criminal offences,
  • breaches of statutory obligations,
  • breaches of the company‚Äôs internal guidelines,
  • breaches of ethical standards that are widely supported in society.


The above list is intended to show examples of what can be notified and is not intended to be exhaustive.

How is notification to be given?

If an employee or other persons who are/have been in a work-related context with us has reasonable grounds to believe that a misconduct has been made, we encourage them to report the matter immediately through our whistleblowing channel which is found here:

Whistleblowing channel

Protection against retaliation

We are committed to a strict policy of non-retaliation, in accordance with the Working Environment Act.

Retaliation, termination of employment, dismissal, other unfavorable treatment or other adverse consequences of a person who, in good faith, has reported a misconduct or suspected misconduct in accordance with the provisions of these guidelines shall be considered as a prohibited retaliation.

Notification processing and investigation

We are committed to ensure that all reports of suspected misconducts are treated confidential, efficient, and in accordance with our values and applicable law.

Information about the identity of the reporting person, the subject of the report and other persons mentioned in the report and other personal data shall be kept confidential. The information in the report shall be processed as necessary to complete the investigation. Appropriate remedial action, to the extent necessary, shall always be based on the results of a thorough investigation. If the report is made anonymously, the whistleblowing group is prevented from further investigation of the identity of the reporting person.

The reporting person shall receive a confirmation within 7 days following the reporting that the report has been received. Within 3 months the reporting person shall be provided with information about the actions to be taken with regard to the report and the reasons why.

Personal data will not be kept longer than necessary and shall be deleted after 2 years following finalized investigation. Further information on the processing of personal data, see Macro Offshore Privacy Policy.