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Crossway Eagle

Crossway Eagle is a self-elevating accommodation jackup unit designed to maintain gangway connection in adverse sea conditions. It’s operable in harsh environments, and rated for 350 feet / 100 m water depth. The unit is compliant with all operational and safety conditions required for Danish/UK North Sea operations.

Illustration - Crossway Eagle



She has a 55-foot cantilever with a mounted 200-tonnes pedestal crane, and two 50-tonnes auxiliary cranes to assist with construction support. Crossway Eagle is currently on long-term contract with TotalEnergies in Denmark.

Crossway Eagle rigg at sea
Man from behind on rig platform with helicopter in background



People on board

Double berth cabins


With sanitary unit

Single berth cabins


With sanitary unit

  • 166 double berth cabins with sanitary unit
  • 22 single berth cabins with sanitary unit
  • Mess rooms (Junior and Senior) Galley + cold, cool and dry storage
  • Recreation rooms (cinema, sauna, gym, quiet room, game room)
  • Coffee shop (smoking and non-smoking)
  • Numerous offices and meeting room facilities
  • Main lounge
  • Kiosk
  • Hospital facilities


Crossway Eagle is currently committed until 2027.

Illustration - availability

Available from


Living quarters facilities

Welcome to a modern, safe and comfortable stay with hotel catering, social areas and spacious cabins. An inspiring home away from home.


Our modern cabins are soundproof and fully equipped with entertainment system, TV and internet access.


Cabins come as single or combined, all with private bathroom.


We provide catering services as per client requirements.


Catering can accommodate all dietary needs with a range of meal options.

Health & recreation

Our vessels offers a gym with most equipment you expect to find in a modern fitness centre.


Our offshore rigs feature efficient office facilities and conference rooms, equipped with high-speed internet and modern tools, ensuring productivity amidst the unique offshore setting.

Evacuation and escape

  • Life-saving equipment for total 375 persons
  • Six totally enclosed motor propelled survival crafts (TEMPSC) for 900 persons
  • A diesel powered Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) (man-overboard boat)
  • Three sets of life raft systems each for 150 persons are installed on PS and SB main deck
  • Lifebuoys, survival suits and fireman’s outfit are provided