January  06, 2021

Jacktel AS

Changes to the Board of Jacktel AS

Thomas Mejdell and David Zakutansky have been elected as new board members of Jacktel AS.  
Mr. Mejdell is a Director at Nordic Capital Advisors and has previously served as a Board member of Master Marine AS and Macro Offshore Limited.
Mr. Zakutansky serves as a Principal and Partner on the Paragon Outcomes investment team. He has served as a Board Member of Macro Offshore Limited since December 2019.
Following the election, the new board will consist of:
Bjørn Eie Henriksen (Chair), Thomas Mejdell and David Zakutansky.
Both Mr. Mejdell and Mr. Zakutansky will step down from the Board of Macro Offshore Limited following being elected to the Board of Jacktel AS.