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A greener approach

Our vessels offer one of the lowest carbon footprint per bed in the market.

For several projects, we have, in cooperation with the client, reduced cost and emissions by delivering power from our vessel to the host platform, thereby reducing the need for containerised and less effective solutions.

Safe operations

Health and safety

We are committed to providing a safe workspace and shall take every reasonable step to reduce or eliminate hazards causing unwanted incidents and accidents. Macro Offshore shall be recognized for its drive to continuously improve quality in all aspects of its operations.

At Macro Offshore, we stand firm in our pledge to foster a resilient and protected environment. Through vigilant planning and strategizing, we deter unforeseen setbacks, paving the way for a smooth and secure operational flow. Our unwavering focus lies in advancing safety measures, upholding a gold standard in offshore accommodation.

  • Helicopter pad on platform
  • Platform on deck
  • Two men with hardhats from birdview


Macro Offshore companies require our suppliers to familiarise themselves with the General Terms and Conditions of procurement as well as our HSEQ Policy and undertakings related to Business Ethics / Codes of Conduct. Macro Offshore companies have made a commitment to continuously improve services, products and business standards.

We expect our suppliers and business partners to work with us to deliver on our commitments for the benefit of all stakeholders. Entering into an agreement with Macro Offshore companies confirms your commitment to HSEQ and business standard improvements.